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Aichun Beauty Garlic Hip Butt Enlargement Lifting Essential Oil Big

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SKU: I8134

Product Type: Hip lift up massage essential oil, Brand: Aichun Beauty, Gender: Unisex, Shelf Life: 3 years, NET WT: 30ml, Skin Type: All types.

Ingredient: Garlic,anise oil, salvia leaf oil, sweet almond oil, caprylic acid glyceryl glycerate, grapefruit seed oil.

Aichun Beauty Garlic Hip Butt Enlargement Lifting Essential Oil Big

100% brand new high quality! Women's external beauty can not only win more people’s attention and like, but also increase their self-confidence. Appearance is natural, we can't decide our appearance, but we can create the perfect figure with the help of the day after tomorrow. Sexy buttock can attract more opposite sex. If you want to make yourself more sexy, you can try our products. I believe you won't be disappointed.

This product contains fennel oil, salvia miltiorrhiza leaf oil, hydrogenated sweet almond oil, caprylic acid triglyceride, grapefruit seed oil, etc. It has the effects of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and easy absorption. Rich in a large number of trace elements, which activate dormant cells and meridians in the buttocks, accelerate penetration into the deep tissues of the buttocks, promote fat synthesis, improve blood circulation, enhance firming of the buttocks skin, and strengthen the buttocks muscle.

Moisturizes, anti-wrinkles, smoothes the skin, improves relaxation, makes the skin delicate and elastic. Through effective massage, soothes buttock skin and internal organization, promotes fat synthesis in the buttocks, increases buttocks muscle, makes the buttocks more firm and elastic, away from the flat buttocks. Sexy and attractive body is no longer a dream.