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Bioaqua Pink Cherry Private Part Whitening Cream - 30g

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SKU: I8113

Suitable for all types of skin, Makes your lips soft and pink, Rich in peptides and vitamins, Natural extracts will treat your skin as flower, Wipes out all the darkness from private parts, Regular use will bring immense beauty.

Bioaqua Pink Cherry Private Part Whitening Cream, the ultimate solution for the ultimate beauty queens. This cream will add perfection by increasing the inner or private parts beauty and make you feel like a fairy princess. It will provide pinkish lips with removing dark spots from different private parts along with soft and hydrating features. Natural extracts from the flowers of the cream will work so gently upon your skin so that it can be more soothing like Cherry Blossom flowers. Using the cream with proper routine and regularity will create a huge difference between your previous and present skin condition.