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Coffee Scrub Collagen Soap - 65g

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SKU: H127045

Weight: 65gm

Coffee scrub collagen soap made in Thailand. It's Gold powder helps to restore skin is firming .Coffee helps to detox chemical or toxins from pollution and reveal brighten skin. Collagen helps to Anti-aging your skin look younger.

Product Benefit:

It reduces cellulite in the butt or thighs. Formulated from 100% natural ingredients. Helps to remove acne. pimple and inflammation. Tighten large pores. Make your skin smoother from first use. It helps to reduce freckles and dark spots. Reduce cellulite, orange peel chicken skin cracks fade. Improves blood circulation. Helps to Glow skin without drying. Gradually whitens skin. Removes any kind of skin blemishes from the inside out. This stain never comes back. Lightens at least 2 shades and up to 3 shades.

How to use coffee scrub collagen soap:

You can use this soap every day if you use it on your body. But you should not use this soap for more than 3 days a week. But you are male you can use 4 or days based on your skin.