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Fair And Lovely Face Wash InstaGlow 100g

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SKU: F1126

Capacity: 100g, Skin Type: Combination

It is specially formulated to suit every skin type, Fair & Lovely Fairness Facewash is also available in Anti Pimple and Ayurvedic variants, For best results use twice daily with Fair & Lovely Fairness cream, 9 out of 10 women who have used it felt that it is as good as a Parlor Clean-up.

Fair And Lovely Face Wash InstaGlow

Fair & Lovely Insta Glow cream Face Wash removes dirt, oil, pollution and brightens skin with multivitamins to give you that instantly glowing skin. It is infused with Fairness multivitamins and doesn’t just clean from the surface of your skin but it penetrates deep* within your skin and makes you fairer from within. For best results, take a small amount of insta glow cream face wash to make a lot of lather, then gently massage your face to reveal your glowing skin, instantly! within epidermis.

>> Instant fairer look
>> Soft & smoother feel
>> Brighter & clearer skin
>> Removes dirt and pollution from deep inside
>> Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
>> Gives you a fair look instantly

Fair & Lovely fairness face wash gives you the 3 step expert action, which Cleanses, Exfoliates and Massages with Multi Vitamin formula. Removes dirt and pollution from deep within your skin with every wash. Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells with every wash. Gives you a fairer look instantly. For a flawless complexion, get this Fair & Lovely Fairness Face Wash. Made from glycerin, myristic acids, and water, the multi vitamin enriched face wash ensures a brighter and cleaner skin. It also vitalizes the skin pores and smoothens its tone. With its regular use, you can also get protection against acne and pimples. Get an instantly fairer look right before you step out, with this face wash.

This 100 gm pack will last long for soft and clean skin all the time! Our product delivers perceivable skin lightening and helps address other skin issues such as sun related darkening, uneven skin tone, under eye dark circles, dullness, and spots, which are all deterrent to perceiving fairness. The new Fair & Lovely has been evaluated in clinical and consumer tests for the claimed benefits with excellent results that have been certified and endorsed by internationally renowned dermatologists as well as by consumers themselves. 4 out of 5# women agree that New Fair & Lovely gives Skin Expert like fairness.