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Gatsby Hair Spray For Men - 250ml

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SKU: H3125

Product type: Hair spray
Brand: Gatsby
Capacity: 250ml
Gender: Men

Super hard type of hair spray. Allows you to set your hair and maintain hair style for long hours. Fine mist evenly coats hair and holds style firmly. No coarseness. Keeps styling even in humid weather.

About Gatsby Hair Spray For Men

Fine Mist for stylish and lasting hairstyle. No visible residue left on hair. Non-sticky shine effect. Helps protect from UV rays. Natural and refreshing citrus scent. For that salon perfect look, all through your day, give your do a quick touch-up with this remarkable styling spray from experts of hair style and care, Gatsby.

This hair spray is sure to hold your hair in the style you chose, with one simple spritz, for day long style that will resist wind, unbearable climates, and lengthy days. The fine mist that this cool styler emits will envelop your hair strands evenly, for a consistent and uniform application that will hold your coif in distinct, undeniable style.

The Gatsby Set and Keep Hair Spray Hair Styler makes the perfect addition to your hair care and styling routine, as one quick spray will allow you to set your do in the desired place. Worrying about how your hair looks will be the last thing on your mind, as the super hold spray will keep your hair in the style you desire, effortlessly.

Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the nagging doubt about your hair’s ability to hold its style in humid weather; this must-have styling spray will ensure that your style is maintained even when the air is humid. The result of even a single spritz of the Gatsby Set and Keep Hair Spray Hair Styler will be hair that is shiny, lush and well styled.

The non-sticky spray also ensures no coarseness, for hair that’s still a joy to touch. Men and women with all types of hair can benefit from the styling action of this miraculous styler that keeps your locks looking their best, while keeping them firmly held.