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Himalaya Ayurslim Weight Loss 60 Capsules

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Capacity: 60 Capsules

It enhances the metabolic rate and hence helps in burning fats and lipids inside the body.

It inhibits the manufacture / synthesis of fatty acids in the muscles and liver and thus arrests lipogenesis.

It reduces the craving for sugar and neutralizes excess sugar in the body It reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels - factors concerned with the management of obesity.

A dosage of 2 capsules, twice a day is recommended. Ayurslim should be taken fifteen minutes after breakfast and dinner. As the weight reduces, dosage can be reduced to one capsule, twice a day.

Himalaya Ayurslim Weight Loss

The advent of technology has brought with it innumerable and vast benefits for mankind. But along with it, it has brought its fair share of miseries as well. Previously, people's level of physical activity to just complete their daily chores was enough to expend all the energy that the food they consumed built in.

In fact, they needed this energy. Today, with our "modern" lifestyles and one that affords us the luxury of an automobile to travel even the smallest distances, natural activity like walking, have completely taken the back seat. In addition to this, we have an array of "fast food" and "instant foods" that deprive us of all the nutrition that nature has provided. "Life on the go" comes with so much stress...deadlines, targets, meetings that one fails to recognise the importance of one's own health.

Being overweight or obese in the past was more of a social stigma so to speak that affected people on a psychological level. But more and more we have come to understand, with the help of scientific research that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Obesity is sweeping the world by storm, and no longer affects only the older human is an epidemic that is a reality in an alarming number of children as well.

The risk factor that this adds to developing various health conditions is extremely high. Himalaya Drug has been in the business of bringing to the world the benefits of Ayurveda in a manner that is convenient to use in our chaotic lifestyles! Whether it is Hypertension or Stress induced ailments, our products have been successful in helping millions of people cope and get better, naturally. So also it has been with our foray into offering a slimming hand to those in search of one!