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Keo Karpin Hair Oil - 300ml

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Keo Karpin is a perfect blend of olive oil and vitamin E. It guards , nourishes and rejuvenates your scalp and hair.
KEO KARPIN HAIR OIL: Keo Karpin is an old hair oil that India discovered centuries ago. Still, now it is a best band active herbal hair oil. The light hair oil Keo Karpin has become synonymous with style, beauty, and health. It is improved with the usual extracts of Olive oil and Vitamin E. It has benefits of vitamin E and a sufficient amount of dissimilar oil such as olive, mineral, peanut oil or anarchist, and wheat germ. An aromatic scent is added to the oil in order to cover up the aroma of the natural ingredients. BENEFITS: * Non-Sticky Hair Oil with Olive Oil & Natural Vitamin E *Smooth, Soft & Shiny Hair *Hair Protected from Stress and Pollution *Enriched formulation nourishes your hair from the roots and no matter where life takes you.