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Livon Serum - 100ml

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Weight: 100ml

New Livon Serum is a hair essential for damage protection. It controls frizz, eases out tangles and reduces breakage to give you silky, shiny hair. Unlike the earlier Livon Silky Potion, New Livon Serum is designed to be so lightweight that you don't feel it at all once applied.

Livon Hair Serum

Livon hair serum is a light weighted, non greasy solution that gives you soft and silky hair. It reduces frizz and leaves behind a light floral fragrance. It also works well as a heat protectant. It comes in a transparent body with a pink cap that looks very appealing. It is a travel sized product, so you can carry it anywhere.

A nice hair serum can totally change your hair game as I have experienced. Despite of using a nice moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, there is something more that my hair always demand. Livon hair serum with vitamin E is my current hair serum. I have been using since 1years. Livon is one of the most used hair serum in India. It has an improved formula now and I would like to share my experience with this hair serum. Livon serum instantly transforms frizzy tangled hair to look silky and shiny and protects it from breakage. For 50ml of bottle it retails for Rs 125 and for 20ml, it retails for Rs60. The hair serum comes in a attractive packaging. The outer packaging shows a girl flaunting her gorgeous looks, along with all the details of the product. The hair serum is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with hot pink flip top cap and label. This is a fragranted hair serum with lightweight texture. It smells quite pleasant, mildly sweet. Texture wise it is a clear gel which spreads easily over hair. The texture is non sticky but requires to wash hands afterwards.

Ever since I have started using Livon hair serum, my hair feels so much better and softer. With my very first bottle, I fell in love it and now I purchase it every time I ran out of it. Earlier, getting my haired combed was a huge task and I tried to avoid it. So some days it ends up looking like a birds nest. But after the entry of this serum, I no longer dread it. This serum makes my shower-to-combing process very easy and I have also noticed the hair strands on my comb decreased. Some days I try to tame with oil but my hair always ends up feeling Oily and greasy. But this problem subsided once I started using this serum. It does the job of the oil without making my hair Oily.

It is an affordable and easily available hair serum which is quite popular among Indian women. It makes hair manageable. However the result may lost the next day. Works best when applied over damp hair. It works great for all other hair types, without weighing them down. Note: The serum is used to apply on hair strands not on scalp and roots. By mistakenly if it gets on to it, it's not a big deal of dry hair skin types but for Oily hair skin types may face problem. Only generous amount of the product should be taken on the palm and spread evenly over hair. Focus more on hair tips because that area is the most dried part. Gently apply the product on damp hair. Don't apply force otherwise hair breakage can be seen.

Livon Hair Serum Features:
1) Contains vitamin E.
2) Non sticky texture
3) Attractive packaging
4) Easily available and affordable.
5) Leaves hair soft and manageable.
6) Adds shine to hair.
7) Last for at least one day which is pretty decent.
8) Light weight.
9) Floral fragrance.
10) Travel friendly.
11) Works as heat protectent.
12) Easy to comb
13) Controls frizz

Silicon based:
So it has so many benefits in just single product. Do grab it fast because I recommend that it's works very well and it's reasonable to.