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Sesa Hair Vitaliser for Men - 100ml

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SKU: H3129

Brand: SESA
Capacity: 100ml
Gender: Men

A Unique Herbal SESA Vitaliser is light and non greasy with 19 herbs,11 essential oils with ancient “ Kshir Pak Vidhi” along with Milk. It's all that a men needs for a daily use that nourishes, strengthens and protects hair from all hair and scalp problems.

Ban Sesa Hair Vitaliser for Men

Sesa hair Vitaliser for Men presents “Dreams come True Formula” specially designed for Men’s Hair Care. Sesa hair vitaliser for Men is enriched with goodness of 19 Hair nourishing herbs, 11 hair revitalizing oils and Milk processed with an ancient "KSHIRPAK VIDHI", which nourishes hair root & Scalp, improves blood circulation at hair follicles after the gentle hair massage and thereby helpful in giving healthier look to hair. So get ready to groom yourself with SESA Vitaliser for Men. Goodness of traditional herbs work well for colored and chemically treated hair too.

Product details of Sesa Hair Vitaliser for Men - 100ml

>> Moisturizes hair, adds volume and softens hair strand
>> Gives clear dandruff free scalp
>> Nourishes the scalp and gives silky hair
>> Highly effective for dry and damaged hair
>> Regulates sebum production
>> Give nutrition to the hair body and eliminate dryness