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Skin cafe 100% Natural Sesame oil

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Skin Cafe has brought ‘Skin Cafe 100% Natural Sesame Oil’ to offer varied hair, oral care, and outstanding effective solutions like improving eye health, cholesterol minimization, and many more. Skin Cafe always looks forward to rewarding you with much-needed health benefits through its products and care. 100% Natural Sesame Oil has witnessed users’ recovery from varied problems and has been providing cures to mitigate the tough ones. This dedicated care is the reason behind its great popularity and preference among conscious users. The recent market explorations have found this praiseworthy note among the consumers like you. This multi-tasking oil is infused with pure sesame oil and other premium quality ingredients that are promised to give dedicated care to you. Its unique formula gives devoted care and nourishment to your scalp removing impurities and results in strong, healthy, and thick hair. The potential users can use it to reduce dental plaque and whiten the teeth and promote eye health. Your skin protection from ultraviolet rays is also confirmed by its use.


  • *Makes scalp and hair healthy.
  • *Seeps deep into the skin and keeps the skin fresh.
  • *Moisturizes skin without making any side effects.
  • *The detoxifying effect of the oil makes fresh or warm skin.
  • *Massaging the body of the children with the oil helps the growth and sleeps of children.
  • *Helpful for oral health especially helps mitigates dental plaque and whiten the teeth.
  • *Improves eye health.
  • *Protects skin from ultraviolet rays resulting in impedance against cancer.
  • *Anti-provocative properties make the oil able to fight against bacterial infection.
  • *Phytosterols lower cholesterol.

  • Ingredients:

    100% pure Sesame oil


    For best shelf life, store in a dark, cool environment always from heat, light, and odor.

    How to use:

  • Hair & Scalp:
  • Apply the oil directly to the scalp and give a gentle massage for about 20 minutes to treat dry scalp or combine with other oils for warm oil treatments.

  • For Skin:
  • Massage the scalp regularly with the oil for a healthy scalp & skin. Before going for an outing use the oil. This oil will help impede the ultraviolet ray of the sun from damaging the skin resulting in protection against skin diseases and even skin cancer.

    To get smooth and soft skin add few drops of sesame oil in bath water or apply the oil on the body and leave it for about 15 minutes before shower.


    Massaging the body of the children with sesame oil helps the growth and sleeps of children.

    For Teeth:

    Doing oil pulling by Sesame oil mitigates dental plaque and whitens the teeth. Moreover, the powerful anti-bacterial oil can also boost dental health.


    For uses other than external, please consult a healthcare practitioner.