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Trisa Medium Toothbrush for Smokers

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SKU: O9320

Removes over 99% germs allowing to achieve 24X7 bad breath protection, Specially made for smokers. Made in Switzerland. Made with high quality awareness.

Unique positioning on the market The whitening filaments with the blue micro cleaning pearls thoroughly remove discolorations caused by tobacco, coffee or tea. The multi-level X-filaments as well as the “Active-Tip” optimally clean the teeth. The effective tongue cleaner releases the tongue from malodor causing bacteria.

Trisa Medium Toothbrush for Smokers

TRISA manufactures state-of-the-art, professionally developed products for personal oral care.

It is very important that people are able to remove the plaque that forms daily, and the toothbrush is the key instrument for doing this. With our comprehensive range of products we satisfy all the requirements of modern oral care. TRISA offers a total of around 20 different models of toothbrush tailored to the needs of the customer. Whitening toothbrushes, products for interdental cleaning and toothbrushes for children of all ages form just a small selection of the wide range that TRISA provides.

TRISA is one of the world's leading providers of toothbrushes, hair care and body care products. In addition to manual oral care products, Trisa manufacture oral electrical products as well as interdental care products. Thanks to high quality products, "Made in Switzerland and dedicated marketing Trisa is a technology leader in oral hygiene products. All toothbrushes are manufactured in Switzerland according to the most stringent quality criteria.